T'was The Night Before.

T'was the month before Christmas and all through the home, Not a Snapchat was sent on the XS iPhone.   The LED lights hung on the artificial tree with care, For the Littles to find Holiday Pajamas under there.   Fast-forward to no-school (aka Winter Break), When the kids should be asleep but that wasn't the case.   The Littles were hyped up on screen-time and sweets, So Mom turned to her phone to vent via Tweet.   "How can I get them all ready for bed?... When all I want is a hard eggnog and watch Netflix instead?"   Mom-shamers...

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What Are You Wearing?

We see them on the red carpet, posing for the paparazzi, answering afashion journalists' age-old question, "Who Are You Wearing?!" The answer is usually traceable to one sole designer - "Gucci! Prada! Fendi!" But what if, during our daily grind of work/school/running errands, the average joe gets asked that question? I don't know about you, but I don't expect people to run up to me in the grocery store to inspect my outfit and ask who I'm wearing. While many of us take a sense of pride in how we clothe ourselves, would you be able to answer seamlessly as...

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Top 10 Worst Things About Halloween.


Sure, Halloween is fun and you can definitely find a list of it’s great attributes. Just know, this is not one of them. (Don’t worry, there’s a light of the end of this dark, scary tunnel.)  10 Worst Things About Halloween: Costume pressure. You gotta have the best. Not too politically incorrect, offensive, vague, revealing. But it needs to be funny, clever, looks difficult to construct, and is relevant. Basically go big, or go (stay) home. Gobstoppers. Sweet Tarts. Candy corn. Banana Laffy Taffy. What do these candies have in common? The fact that they’re garbage. NEXT. When Halloween is...

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Welcoming Brand Ambassadors

Hello! Thank you to all who support SandiLake and continue to rep our brand! Every single day, we receive AMAZING customer photos that remind us of why we do what we do! As of March 15th, we created our Brand Ambassador Program and have received and accepted many applications! This program provides access to: Our EXCLUSIVE Facebook page (first to see new product, sales, + more!) Your own discount code A code to share with family and friends You MUST be active and public on FACEBOOK + INSTAGRAM, and over the age of 18 (you can apply for your kiddos as well). World-wide reps...

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It's that time again! Our 4th of July designs are back along with some RAD additions. Not only has our #MERICA design been a customer favorite since the beginning, it has an INSANE story behind it! In May 2015, it was brought to our attention that Target was selling our #MERICA deisgn in their stores all over! Check out the story ---> SANDILAKE VS. TARGET  This season, we thought we'd add a retro twist. Our newest 4th of July design might be our favorite of all!  VIEW THE USA COLLECTION ---> HERE. Vintage Merica Women's Tank Vintage Merica Kids Tank Vintage Merica Adult Crew Vintage Merica Kids...

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