Camp Moxie

This last week, we did a collaboration with Keen Kids to empower girls and their moms while promoting Keen's new girls line called MOXIE. I (Mel) am a Keen lover myself, and raising children in the Pacific Northwest requires great shoes to hike, play, and be outside in.  When asked to join in the collaboration, I was thrilled! We started in on the design of an awesome t-shirt for the all-girls camp they were hosting this month, as well as some logo tote bags! 

And you guys! Keen invited my daughter and I to join Camp Moxie for the weekend! 

It was SUCH A blast. With her Moxie Keens on her little feet, my daughter Scout went down the zipline all by herself, climbed a rockwall, and had an egg smashed on her head in front of the rest of the camp! Over the weekend I saw her shine in ways I never have before, and I feel like I see her in a whole new light! We encouraged each other, and raised each other up as moms, and as women. It was beautiful, and we are incredibly grateful to Keen for hosting such an awesome event. 

We were brave, strong, and best of all: had a blast!

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