T'was The Night Before.

T'was the month before Christmas and all through the home,
Not a Snapchat was sent on the XS iPhone.
The LED lights hung on the artificial tree with care,
For the Littles to find Holiday Pajamas under there.
Fast-forward to no-school (aka Winter Break),
When the kids should be asleep but that wasn't the case.
The Littles were hyped up on screen-time and sweets,
So Mom turned to her phone to vent via Tweet.
"How can I get them all ready for bed?...
When all I want is a hard eggnog and watch Netflix instead?"
Mom-shamers and trolls judged like it was totally their biz,
'You shouldn't have given so much sugar to your kids'.
Discouraged Mom complained to her friends in group text,
With a million emojis communicating her stress. 💆‍🤪🤷‍♀️
"Can anyone relate to this hot mess of a matter?!
I'm stress-eating Christmas cookies and by the minute getting fatter!"
Just then Mom's phone dinged with the best gift of all,
An Angel appeared (and messaged), "Holiday PJs for all - big and small!"
She couldn't believe what her tired eyes had seen,
"Could this (bribe) really get them to bed? I will try AN-Y-THING."
She loaded her cart with a few clicks and clippings,
And made sure to spend enough to qualify for free shipping.
She thought, "Who cares if these items aren't necessarily for me,
I'm still reaping the benefits of retail ther-a-py." 
The package of goods came in three business days,
And Mom couldn't wait to end this diabolical craze.
While the Littles were flossing to the latest KidZ Bop,
Mom placed Holiday PJs under the tree with the warm fuzzy thought,
"I'm not a regular Mom, I'm a cool Mom… I totally ROCK.***"
"Now Asher, now Piper, now Decker, now Cora,
Check out out your new threads on the living room floor(a)!"
The Littles were excited to go to bed every night,
Go-To-Sleep-For-Holiday-Pajama exchange gave everyone delight.
Mom was thankful for the Angel who gave her advice,
Merry Christmas to All, and to All a lit night.
***insert Mean Girls "Jingle Bell Rock" dance routine
Cited source: "A Visit From St. Nicholas"
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