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    NEW DESIGNS FOR - 2017 -

    From the beginning, we have built our brand around modern kid's fashion and creating designs that represent your RAD kiddos.

    Your wild, silly, joyful, corky adventurous kiddos....

    However, with the new year upon us, we have decided to switch it up by launching a line geared towards all the RAD mamas out there.

    You wild, silly, joyful, corky adventurous mamas...

    Our new designs are fresh and trendy and are going to be offered in a few new shirt colors!

    XO, The SandiLake Team

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  • SandiLake Clothing x Portland Gear



    We are SO excited to launch our collab with Portland Gear! They are a company that sells iconic Portland designs, representing our city and its awesomeness!  We have teamed up on the entire process of making Portland shirts with our logos on the back! It has been super fun to work with a like-minded business owner, who shares the love for screen printing and apparel design.

    We will be launching our product this Wednesday at their exclusive monthly event "Gear and Beer". They will be available to purchase online or in store that evening!


    Check out Portland Gear!

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  • SandiLake's Your Valentine.

    One thing that sets SandiLake apart, is that there are endless options when shopping with us! You can choose from several different designs and shirt types. All of our Valentines Day designs can be made on a kid or adult shirt!  Have fun with it!

    Be Mine - Only $18!! Available in many different options and Valentine's Day colors! Simple and totally cute!

    Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 2.59.40 PM.png

    Heart Leggings - Choose any color! Gold! White! Red! Can be mixed and matched with any of our Valentines Day kids tees!screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-2-49-33-pm

    So Glad I Pricked You - One of our newest to the Valentines Day Line! A popular and corky design that can be worn all year round! Pairs great with our triangle or heart leggings!


    Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 2.48.33 PM.png


    All You Need Is Love - A tribute design to The Beatles and their brilliant song of love. This year we are offering this design in red ink. It looks super cute on a gray t-shirt or baseball tee!


    Sign of Love - We brought it out two years ago, and since it's creation, we have heard countless stories from the incredible people that use sign language in their daily lives. Moms, sisters, grandparents, husbands, and everyone in between. There are so many ways to communicate these days, but nothing is more beautiful than ASL. And no word is more universal than LOVE!

    Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 2.48.19 PM.png

    Order before February 7th!



    SandiLake Clothing

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  • SandiLake's on Shark Tank

    We are SO EXCITED to finally share that SandiLake Clothing will be on ABC's Shark Tank: Friday, October 21st @ 9PM! We can't believe where SandiLake has gone over the last few years, from battling Target to meeting the Sharks! Thank you all for believing in us! Please share our story and make sure to watch me (Mel) swim with the Sharks! 

    Follow us on TWITTER for live updates during the show, and Instagram for all the latest news as the show grows closer! SHOP the site to get your Sandilake Gear!

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  • SandiLake Holiday is Here!

    We have a handful of holiday designs that are a must for this season. All come in Adult and Child Sizes!

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  • Let's Go Outside

    Our world is insane. iPads, Tablets, Computers, iPhones, etc. You know this lecture well. And as a parent I'm sure you have struggled with setting limits, timers, and the dreaded "5 more minutes" line. Well folks, I have your solution....

    "Let's Go Outside."

    Do you remember? Have you forgotten? -- The feeling of grass between your toes, fresh air breathing in and out as you biked your way through neighborhoods, mudpies squishing through your fingers? It's a lost art. -- Our kids know how to unlock our phones, find youtube videos, and film themselves with weird filters on snapchat, but they have never fed their parents a gourmet mudpie!

    Yes, I know this isn't every kid. -- But, speaking from experience, it's hard to be the "cool-outdoorsy-mom" and the "stay-at-home-online-business-owner mom."

    Here is some inspiration...

    "Always On Vacay"

    Photo Mar 18, 9 50 30 AM

    "Lake Life" "Camp Life"


    "Forever Adventurer"



    "I'd Rather Be Boating"


    "Stay Wild"

    6060 copy

    "Sun Your Bunz"


    Snag a tee to remind you of your outdoor vibes, and your need to get your littles into the grass and playgrounds and out of their living rooms, and trust me, I'm taking a dose of my own medicine!

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