• SandiLake Holiday 2015

    SandiLake's holiday tees are finally here!! This season, we want you and your littles to look festive and cozy! . You can get any new holiday design on a black raglan, red raglan, white tee and gray tri-blend tee.  All of our unisex shirts are offered for kids and adults as well! SandiLake's Holiday 2015 collection includes:  "Santa: The Original Hipster""Mountain Life""The Holiday Elk""Christmas 2015""Flannel is the New Black""Flannel Flamingo", Flannel patch leggings and Holiday elk leggings. We are super stoked about this collection because each item is perfect foundation for any winter outfit! 

    Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.34.58 AMScreen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.34.45 AM

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  • Forever Adventurer.

    Our "Forever Adventurer" tee is one of the new designs we have in our Fall collection! This tee is the best for any age and gender. SandiLake is a big promoter for always staying active and seeking new adventures! This shirt looks great with a snapback hat from Harper Loves Littles and some cute skinny jeans. These precious photos were taking by Jordan Lutes!



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  • SandiLake is on Brickyard Buffalo!

    Our "Trick or Treat (Smell my Feet)" shirt is being sold on Brickyard Buffalo's website!! These sell fast so make sure you get your little ones a shirt just in time for Halloween! They will be sold on their website at a discount for $18 a piece. "Trick or Treat (Smell my Feet)" has been one of the most popular shirts out of SandiLake's Fall collection. They look great to pair with some Feather and Filly moccasins and a seasonal "Homestead Harvest" skirt from Papoose Clothing! Aren't these outfits adorable!
    Make sure to check it out!
    xo, The SandiLake Team
    Shirt: SandiLake Clothing, pants: Little Gypsy Finery, shoes: Feather and Filly, photo: Qiana K Photography.
    Shirt: SandiLake Clothing, pants: Little Gypsy Finery, shoes: Feather and Filly, photo: Qiana K Photography.
    Left to right... Bow: Julias Bowtique, dress: Papoose Clothing, shoes: Feather and Filly. Shirt: SandiLake Clothing, leggings: Little Gypsy Clothing, shoes: Feather and Filly. Shirt: James Vincent Design Co, skirt: Sweet Pea Closet.
    Left to right...
    Bow: Julias Bowtique, dress: Papoose Clothing, shoes: Feather and Filly. Shirt: SandiLake Clothing, leggings: Little Gypsy Clothing, shoes: Feather and Filly. Shirt: James Vincent Design Co, skirt: Sweet Pea Closet. Photo: Qiana K Photography.

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  • fall is here.

    Sandilake has a ton of new Fall items that you don’t want to miss out on! We have over 20 different items including rompers and leggings, as well as new designs for our t-shirts and baseball tees. Our top sellers so far have been the “Trick or Treat (Smell my Feet)” and “Football is my Life” design. We also allow you to to customize the football shirt to be any team that you would like (comment your changes in the order)! All of the sizes in the listings for our kids tees have been updated too. We now have sizes 8, 10 and 12 in gray tri-blend t-shirts and black baseball tees. Its time to transition into fall and get your kiddos some cozy outfits!
    xo, The Sandilake Team

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  • SandiLake vs. Target (or was it really?)

    Hello to any new customers, old customers, or just observers who want an update on the issue of Target using one of my designs! I wanted to address a few things and have a spot that might answer some questions.

    Awhile ago a friend of mine found one of our designs being sold in Target. I was in shock a bit, and reluctantly posted on Instagram and Facebook a picture of myself in my own design along-side the Target version. I had NO IDEA it would get the attention that it did. My social media followers are incredible and reposted continually until it was noticed. After being asked, I went on our local news telling my story. From there it snowballed. I had no idea all the incredible support I would get, as well as the negative criticism. From Buzzfeed to the Today Show, it was everywhere. 

    I want to tell my version of the story. What actually happened.

    A company in Southern California was responsible for the production of this product. They have done the same to others, using the tag name Stranded. They admitted that one of their 30 designers took the design off of Pinterest where we have been featured and repinned, claiming they did research to find out where it came from. (Thanks for being so honest.) Target immediatly took it out of their stores when the story reached them. And I am grateful for that. A few days later, Jerry Leigh offered me a job as a designer...We were booked for a flight to visit them with our lawyer and discuss a contract. A few days after the offer I decided to not spend any time negotiating with a company like them.

    With that said, I was never in this to sue, get money, or be compensated. I know that my design is simple, patriotic, and basically a flag. This issue was never that I thought my design was the best thing since sliced bread... it was simply that what I was selling on my own site was being sold in a mega-store. And its not any more. Since then, we have a copyright on our designs. YAY! (If you are looking to copyright your work, is a great place to do so.)

    Something else i need to address:

    I was also accused of "stealing" an image for one of my other shirts. The Tootsie Pop issue. You may or may not know about this. It was brought to my attention the first "viral" day that I was doing something similar and took an image from someone else. I TOTALLY saw the validity in this statement. There were similarities. I immediately took it off my site as to not sell it.... which is exactly what I was asking Target to do. But as this part of the story unfolded, I had already decided to stop talking to the media as my house was being bombarded. I have kids and I really wanted to just go back to normal. We issued a statement regarding it, and that was it. 

    With all that said, I have learned and grown an incredible amount as a business owner. Here are some helpful tips:

    #1 If you create something. Protect it.

    #2 If you are being copied. Say something.

    #3 Treat others with kindness. Money is great + all, but personally I would rather work hard for it instead of sneak my way to the top because of this issue that happened to me.

    #4 Share your knowledge. There is a new world of online shopping and small business. Not many know business, or certain rules or standards. We can kindly help each other figure things out.

    I was one of those clueless business owners who now understands, but is still learning.

    Thank you to all of you who supported SandiLake through this. I can't express into words what your comments meant to me and still mean to me. 

    And mostly, my family is my rock, and I am so thankful that they know the real me. 

    Please email me if you'd like to know more.



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  • Our Product.

    I wanted to take a moment and showcase some of our rad designs. I created them with inspiration from my own littles, and I just know you guys are going to LOVE them. Click the photos below to go to the shirt in our shop.

    Use code THANKS for an extra 5% off!

    ebbandflowadult ebbandlfow hangryadult hangrykidbewildtank bewild loveadult lovekidbaseball adultbear bearkid staywildtank staywildchilc epic heartandfeather bunny squirrel elk fox lilwanderer MM pad summervibes momsmcm il_570xN.728125594_cqz1_grande il_570xN.728050288_s747_grande

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