SandiLake Clothing has been given an opportunity to have some of our product mean something more than just a shirt with a rad design.
Our product will help change lives.
We have teamed up with GOEX, The Global Orphan Project, Ryonet, and the LIFE factory in Haiti to create/manufacture products that help children stay with their families and off the streets/orphanges. Our factory pays a living-wage to their employees in order to ensure their childrens' needs are met. In early December we went to Haiti to see the factory for ourselves. It's a beautiful facility with top of the line equipment and training. 
A few things we learned on our visit: For the most part, each employee takes care of around 8 other family members. There is no public school system, so they pay for their kids to become educated and trained; breaking the cycle of poverty. They are givers by nature, and can't help but share their earnings because they know they are getting paid more than most. They are cross-trained in the factory, so they aren't just doing the same thing every day for 20 years. They learn each part of the process and help each other when needed, and feel proud of the product they are making.
I am proud to be a part of a team of American Businesses bringing some of our work here. Using American-made fabrics (which are the best in the world) to Haiti. A place that doesn't need more aid, but needs more jobs, and a better economy. 
When you buy from SandiLake, you are helping create QUALITY jobs all over the world. From the Fabric in North Carolina, to the employees we have in Oregon, to the fulfillment center in Kansas City, to the LIFE factory in Haiti. 
Join with us.