A method to master toddler tantrums

A method to master toddler tantrums

A former nanny reveals a method for handling toddler tantrums that has impressed parents.

Cassie G, a former nanny, has shared her method for quickly stopping a toddler tantrum in its tracks. She created the technique, called the "sniffer guy," to help children calm down and focus on their breathing. The video explaining the technique has gone viral on TikTok, garnering over 1.1 million views in just one day.



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Cassie explained the difficulty in calming down a toddler having a tantrum. She mentioned that it can be challenging when children are crying so intensely that there is concern for their well-being. One approach she suggested was helping them focus on their breathing.

Cassie uses a technique called "the sniffer" where she places her hand in a dome shape with her fingers on top, and raises her middle finger. This method is used to calm toddlers down when tensions are rising. The rule is for the child to stay still or the "sniffer guy" will tickle them.

By focusing on their breath for about 15 seconds, toddlers can stop their actions and diffuse the situation. Reviews on this technique vary, with some finding it helpful and others reporting fear or biting. Some even use the sniffer technique on their husbands with success.

One mom started using this method when her daughter was 2, and it still works at age 4. Cassie, who used to be a nanny and is now a yoga teacher, finds the sniffer technique to be a helpful and lighthearted way to transition from difficult moments.

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